Will GTRONIC Chase its Peers?


With prices rising past RM2.05 over the past week, we could be certain that a re-valuation has happened based on smartphone sales especially looking at the iPhone 11.

A review from DBS showed that it is expected that the revenue would climb again in FY2020. Just not at the moment. The recovery is intact and this is why we see volatility at the current moment.



Our Take

We believe that the time has come to start collecting once again seemingly the price had broke the trend. We believe that although AMS offer for Osram might be failing, the effect for GTRONIC shouldn’t be that huge.

The risk is next quarterly report. You could split your buying leaving room to buy after the next quarterly results release.

Meanwhile, have a look at the DBS report!



ESG Investing Just Took KLK as Its First Victim?

KLK down 7% and this came from the news where a substantial shareholder exits their investments. According to the report AmInvest, the shareholder will no longer hold any shares in KLK after the sale where a total of 31.6 million shares at RM21 were sold.


A quick glance at the substantial shareholders list showed that it could likely come from First State Investment Management, UK. AmInvest reported that they believe the sale was likely linked to ESG concern. Following KLK’s subsidiary had to close 4 hectares of its estate due to fires.


ESG or Environmental, Social & Governance focuses on how each company is performing for the 3 categories. If the firm damages the environment badly such as causing haze as what we saw a couple of weeks earlier, expect to see a lower ESG score for it.

Developed markets had taken this seriously in their investment criteria. Sustainable investing or responsible investing seems to be the theme now and as time goes, we will see companies trading at a lower premium or price to earnings valuation if they pollute the environment.

In First State Investment’s view, they could actually prefer to give up better returns for their investments and being labelled as a modern responsible investing company rather than seeing their very own fund investors pulling money out in the future sensing that it gives them a bad image.

Moving forward, we would continue to see foreign holdings in Bursa to have this kind of investment approach. Call it the new norm as you will, ESG is here to stay.

CIMB on KRONO, Is The Share Price Moving Again?

The growth in data had created companies like this and Kronologi is providing data management services to companies who manage a huge range of data. If you buy into the fact that data will only increase and coming in at an exponential rate, then this might be the company for you.

At the moment, most of their revenue comes in from Singapore. Indeed the data growth proved to had accelerated in recent years.

Have a look at the report below.


Based on technical analysis, we believe that the share price had found a bottom and with prospects looking more towards the upside.

We might see prices moving once again. About a week ago, we see suddenly spikes in volume and this might be the indication to get interested once again.



A Very Concise Report on Petrochemicals

Names like LCTTITAN had dropped significantly from RM6.50 to RM2.70 in over a year. With this massive drop, could we see things to get better once again? A profit making company shouldn’t suffer so much of a value loss through market capitalization.

According to the report, Maybank had shifted positive to the petrochemical sector evaluating Petronas Chemicals and Lotte Chemical Titan.

Have a look!


Three Banks Report on Alliance Bank’s Provision

After dropping 10% yesterday, the share price rebounded 4% today. Could we consider the impairment charge to be a one off? Check out these triple report series from Maybank, CIMB, UOBKH…

The reports do differ in the content that they present.

Maybank was able to note that the companies were from food and rubber industry.

CIMB has an explanation on loan recovery initiatives on these 3 companies.

UOBKH reported a potential writeback but in FY2021

Download by clicking on the reports below.