Denko Up Today? This Might Be the Reason

We saw the report when it was trading merely RM1.61 this morning. We were doubtful as well since the report by UOBKH was release before market open. Ignoring this report we see DENKO up 4.3% at the time of writing this note.

Have a look at the report if you are interest or you have holdings in this company…

Sorry for late post! Didn’t knew the effect was this big…


Based on our experience, this kind of rise is a day or two type. The spike comes from traders trying to push earning some easy bucks. If you are trading then it might be too late now.


CIMB Initiates Coverage on KESM

A superbly bullish stock rising almost 100% Year To Date and CIMB initiates with a target price 18% above yesterday’s closing. Indeed motor vehicle semiconductors are growing and it is contributing big numbers to KESM.

Take a look at their initiation report


CIMB’s Initiation on MQREIT

Check out the initiation on MQREIT from CIMB.

We think that this is one of the better REITs since much of its income comes from office buildings rather than retail or hotels. The stickiness of office buildings are much higher compared to retail since the retail segment depends heavily on people actually coming in to buy things while it is not necessary for office operations.

During an economic slow down, we tend to see malls going empty and smaller retailers closing shop but the major ones stay. The tenants of MQREIT are large corporations like DHL, BMW, HSBC and Tesco which do not move around frequently due to cost. It is likely that their business would stay during recessionary times.

Although we like the stock but we felt that parking a huge percentage of our fund into this stock turns into an opportunity cost. We seek growth rather than income which makes this counter a top pick if you are seeking for income.

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